About:Erica Guajardo

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Erica Guajardo is an emerging artist/ designer. Having a background in Interior Design and Printmaking. Creating Images that are esthetically pleasing to the average eye, but yet bold enough to create visually appealing statement. Art is created in the form of prints, wood cut out wall art, and digital designed images. Background to Erica’s success is that she studied under an ASID designer for the past 8 years, while working at Fabrics and Frames Furniture, LLC. At Fabrics and Frames, she has learned the “IN’s and Out’s” to understanding the ergonomics in custom furniture. With this knowledge, she has been able to apply techniques to create wood cutout wall art, used for interior designing purposes. Some other areas that have helped Erica succeed in art is that she studied in Buenos Aires, Argentina through a study abroad program focusing on printmaking, which was represented by UTA. She also has interned at The Dallas Contemporary Museum. She believes that education and hard work is the key to success.


One comment

  1. Teresa Wash · March 24, 2015

    Hi Erica! It was great meeting you at the Bishop Arts Theatre this weekend for our New Play Competition. I’ve love to connect, Please contact me about the summer when you get a chance. Teresa


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